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gardens Maintenance

Gardens Maintenance

Garden maintenance is about far more than mowing grass and weeding borders (important as these tasks are!) – it is the highly skilled process of nurturing and guiding a garden or outdoor space with foresight as it develops In addition, every aspect of the work we do is geared towards using sustainable products, thus contributing to a lasting natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

garden maintenance

Gardens maintenance services

garden maintenance services

Gardens maintenance services

Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration We ensure that all trees, plants, shrubs and lawns are properly managed. Correct management of the plants entails proper pruning, fertilizing, watering, mowing and mulching of the garden and this greatly reduces the chances of disease, pests and weed growth, thus ensuring healthy growth.

Whether you are looking for regular garden maintenance or a one-off clearance; cutting or pruning; private or commercial garden services; look no further than golden arrow company

Domestic gardens maintenance services

Domestic gardens maintenance services

We understand how important your garden is to you and we run dedicated teams who are committed to providing you with an excellent maintenance service. Our staff are passionate about plants and beautiful gardens and will add huge value in terms of their horticultural knowledge and skills. We know that good communication with you is vitally important and our Maintenance Manager offers you a highly professional, knowledgeable single point of contact with whom you can discuss any queries or overall plans for your garden all year round.

We look after everything to do with your garden – from cutting the grass, maintaining plants, seasonal bedding schemes and leaf clearance, so that you can just relax and enjoy the haven provided.

Domestic Garden

Commercial grounds maintenance services

Commercial garden maintenance

Commercial grounds maintenance services

The Company operates dedicated grounds maintenance teams in the state of Qatar . Our trained teams provide a range of maintenance services, which include the upkeep of schools, public spaces and business parks. We draw on many years of experience to identify your horticultural needs and produce tailored maintenance management plans for your grounds. Close monitoring and regular communications with our clients ensure excellent service levels.

We have built our reputation on providing a flexible service to accommodate difficult remits with rapid response times.

why choosw us

why choose us

Over the years, we have managed to change our client’s perceptions that employing golden arrow for garden maintenance services is a luxury and a discretionary expenditure.

Irrespective of the chosen maintenance plan, our client’s benefit from:

● Our commitment, through hard work and team work, to ensure that gardens under our care are thriving and refreshing

● Our technical expertise

● Our wealth of experience

Why Us

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