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gardens design

Gardens Design

If you’re looking to make your garden the feature of your place but don’t know where to start let our team of professionals guide you in achieving the garden of your dreams. We can help from pagodas to having your own putting green making your garden stand out .Offering friendly, reliable and professional gardening services to commercial and private customers for the past 10 years.

Your garden should be a ‘place’, not a space. It should be deliberate and functional. That’s our forte. We design with plants that achieve a set purpose, and exclude those that don’t. Our deliberate approach ensures that everything in the garden is imbued with significance.

Garden design

Gardens services

Garden Services

Gardens services

When designing our gardens, we consider the natural lay of the land, the environment, and your needs. The results are gardens that are built for everyday use and aesthetically pleasing.

We offer you garden design services at the highest professional standards for domestic and commercial projects across the state of Qatar. Which help you in Preparation of site plans, working drawings, photo prints, specifications and cost estimates for land development, showing ground contours, vegetation, locations of structure and facilities like roads, pavements, parking areas, fences, walls and utilities, coordinating arrangement of existing and proposed land features and structures.

Our in-depth design experience enables us to provide you with innovative and practical design solutions. We are large enough to manage long-term complex design-led projects whilst small enough to ensure that a very personal involvement is maintained at all times.

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We are aware that our clients may not always know anything about gardens; but that they recognize beauty when they see it. Consequently, our main aim is that our gardens must be pleasing to the senses. We and our customers form a team, and Omar gardens will not handover a garden until the client is satisfied.

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